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Get your nails ready for the Christmas holidays with Pink Nail Bar

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Yesss! Every year we’re all waiting for this time — holiday season! If you’re not excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, I do not know there is anything else to be excited about! So, what would you like to do to embrace the dazzling season? You buy new coats and new boots. You go for holiday makeup looks. You have a gorgeous hairstyle. In that case, your fingernails — the most important accessory to warm your winter hands — cannot be ignored in the holiday season.

Now, let’s get to the point. The following are some of the best winter nail art designs Toronto to inspire your holiday manicure. Everything that glitters is gold - Paint your nails a simple color like white and pink, then finish the look off with glitters and gems. It will be a wonderful winter design and an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of luxury to your seasonal nails. These bling-bling nail designs have a jolly charisma that can help you to stand out at any parties.

Red nails never go out of fashion - The perfect pairing to chilly weather? Well, you can never go wrong with a red nail color swiped on your cold hands. You can see tons of red manicures this winter. Red is the perfect color to liven up the gray days of winter. Make it simple by painting the polish only, or make it more wintery by drawing the snowflakes, or adding the silver shimmers and sparkly sequins.
Get your nails ready for the Christmas holidays with Pink Nail Bar
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You can perform wonderful New Year manicures in the usual way, such as gradient manicure, manicure with holes, "broken glass", "cat's eye", or kami fubuki design. Do not forget about the delightful matte fingers with glossy and sparkling elements, as well as rubbing with various effects that make the New Year manicure attractive. The most interesting version of the New Year's manicure solution can be “velvet sand”, especially if you pick up a stunning shade of nails. "Velvet sand" is a powder or flock, which is quite often used in modern manicures. You can do it on a few fingers, giving them an accent, and covering the rest with a gloss. The first winter nail design I recommend is "girly winter art nails". A beautiful nail with a soft gradation of pink and white like snow. The art of snowflakes and the large stones that glitter in places are attractive.

The Autumn season has brought to us a ton of cute yet charming nail designs, now it’s time to switch your Fall-themed manicure to a stunning Winter manicure. Winter nails allow you to show off all those cute wintry themes. Make an appointment at a top-ranked beauty salon and let the highly-trained nail artist transform your nails into gorgeous ones!

We’re here to give advice in case you are looking for some Winter-inspired nail ideas. Let your nails be your best accessory on days too cold to even get dressed! Below are top 5 incredible Winter nail designs that you should try out in the chilly months to warm up those cold hands. Stay with us and learn some manicure skills.

A little freshness with Green - As a Winter you need a very particular range of greens. Obviously green is made up of two primary colours, one warm (yellow) and one cool (blue) and the balance is crucial for getting your perfect green. Frosted green with a sense of autumn and winter is one of the most favorite colors for this season.

Bring in holiday vibes with snowflakes all over the place. For winter nail art, painting snowflakes is a must to meet the spirit of the season. What do you think of the snowflakes? Do you think they’re just some white dots? Actually, the experienced manicurist can create different shapes for snowflakes so it’s important to go see a professional nail tech for the best results. Why choose red as the nail color? Because red is a typical holiday season color that’s fun to play with! Classy, glamorous, festive, seasonal, basically anything you could possibly want in a set of nails.

While we never stop loving classic, simple Christmas nail designs, we are always looking for new, unique yet significant ways to celebrate the holiday season. With these best winter manicures, we hope everyone will have the best moments and the best look at the holiday party. For more latest nail trends and more top-rated nail salons near you please follow our pages. We will keep updating more nail art posts for your interest in future as well. Cheers with Pink Nail Bar - Manicure and Pedicure Toronto!

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